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AUS 220 - Week 6 - Post Production

"Sound is bigger than Music"

For this week’s blog, I have been asked to respond to the above statement and I would say that I totally agree with it. A couple of weeks ago, my response to it might have been different. This was because I never had a chance to work in audio post. But over the past few weeks, I’ve been working as an audio post engineer in the “D Command” studio for our AUS220 Post Production group project and it is only after working on it, I’ve realized how amazing this field of audio can be.

Working in audio post, I have discovered so many new ways of expressing my art, talent and technical expertise. I feel that audio post has opened up a whole new creative dimension for me. It is challenging, but that’s what makes it fun to do. Audio post combines not only music, but other forms of audio production like foley, sound FX, sound design and dialogues as well. Adding it to the visual media forms a gigantic experience of sound and vision. Audio and visuals together are more effective in expressing an idea, hence, we have Music Videos. Sound constitutes of not just music, but everything that we can hear. Sound has the potential to exhibit more emotion than music. For instance, the sound of you uttering your dog’s name can represent many different emotions for both you and the dog like love, care, respect, and sometimes anger, etc. Thus, Sound is definitely bigger than music.

Working in audio post, I have discovered how I can use my knowledge of audio engineering and production to emulate the sounds of a particular space for a particular scene. For an audio guy, to see your work come alive on screen is pure "magical"! I also love how we can design and manipulate the sound of something entirely different than the actual thing on screen to create a believable experience.

I absolutely love this field of audio and I'm very excited to learn more about it in the coming trimesters.

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