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AUS 220 - Week 5 Post Production

In this blog, I would like to discuss about Audio Post Production. Audio post is usually the final step in the production chain of any movie, TV show or game. This is where a post-production engineer takes the final cut of a visual media and adds recorded foley, dialogues, audio fx and music to suit the visuals and enhance the overall cinematic or gaming experience. He then delivers his work to either the producer or the director of the visual media; as either a single stereo or 5.1 surround wav file or as different stems of audio (audio fx, dialogues, music, etc.)

Last week, for AUS220, our group had a class in Post-Production with Tristan Meredith. In the class, Tristan gave us an in-depth knowledge of the working of the movie industry; in particular, the various steps involved in the production chain of any movie or TV show. He explained that each step was equally important for a great production. He also shed light on the different scenarios an audio engineer usually runs into. He showed us how any sound can be achieved by recording and manipulating the sound of something completely different or irrelevant.

For our project in this particular intensive, our group was given multiple choices of visuals to choose from. We chose the “Kung Fu Panda” trailer. We chose this one to work on because we thought it would be very fun and interesting to do audio post for it. Personally, I’m a fan of the movie as well, so I should enjoy this project even more.

Here's the link of the video clip

I found this class very interesting, as I find this particular branch of audio. I think that audio for visual media (movies, games, short films, TV series, advertisements, etc) is where most jobs for audio engineers are. I personally would enjoy any freelance work or even a fixed job in the audio for post-production industry. I’ll be looking forward to the project we have for this subject in the coming weeks.

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