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Freelance Work

Melbourne has kept me very busy lately. For the past couple of months, I've been freelancing for some Punjabi independent projects. One of my clients is a Punjabi singer/songwriter from Melbourne for whom I'll be producing 3 tracks off his debut album; one of which has been finished. I am the music producer and mix-mastering engineer for this track. I recorded live Indian ethnic instruments; the flute and sitar while I was in India back in Feb. I composed the instrument solos and had musicians come in to play them.

Flutist Kuldip Singh and me at Digital India Recording Studio, Hoshiarpur

Follow the above Google drive links to see the recording sessions

The song is called "Bebe" which translates to "mother" in Punjabi. You can listen to the track below (This is not an official release).

I will also be directing the music video for this song this month. The video will be released through a major Punjabi record label and will be broadcasted on the regional Punjabi music channels as well.

These are some pictures of us location scouting in/around Melbourne.

I have produced another track for this artist and will be recording the vocals next week. This track, titled "307" will also feature a rap verse from me. I will also be directing the music video for "307".

In addition to this artist, I have also been freelancing for two very popular Punjabi Social Media Celebs, comedians

Vegemite Singh

and Sammy Naz

I've been editing a lot of their videos using Final Cut Pro and sometimes also help them with dialog dubbings, mixing, audio FX and other audio needs.

Some popular videos done by me

Currently, I'm producing a track for Naz. I'm finished with the music production and the final vocals will be recorded in the next couple of weeks.

Just yesterday, I shot an advertisement video for a Tax Consultancy Service in Dandenong on a Canon 70d camera.


Here's the link

Listen to a Bollywood remix that I did recently. It's gaining some popularity on Youtube.

Some feedback on Facebook

Thank you.

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