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Blog Week 4 - Temptations (The Remix)

So we have been asked to submit a remix of an original song for our next assessment here at SAE. I'm required to remix a song either performed or produced by someone that know in person. Initially, it was difficult for me to find an artist owing to my lack of musical connections here in Melbourne. After some thinking, I realised there was a song that I liked and would really love to remix. The song is called "Temptations" and it's by a Melbourne based Rock band called "The Smirks".

"The Smirks" sound can be described as garage, alt, blues, punk, lo-fi and psychedelic. I don't know the band personally, I was introduced to this song and the band here at SAE itself. The recording and production was done by my fellow students Miguel Artugue, Michael Timothy, Daniel Clarke, Sergiy Khrustal and Xander Malual for their last trimester's AUD 115 assignment. I heard the song a couple of times in the classroom and liked it instantly. The recording was done in the Large Audient Studio here at SAE and is of outstanding quality, all credits to the engineers. The main guitar riff is beautiful and catchy and the song is in common time. The singer has a good voice and the vocals are done brilliantly.

Getting the stems for this remix was super easy. Michael sent them to me once I told him I was interested in doing a remix. He said it was a good idea and also gave me some invaluable suggestions as to how I should approach the remix. I will use the main guitar riff and the vocals as the base of my remix and will add elements like beats, custom synths, textures and additional melodies.

I’m thinking about doing a dance house remix of the song and although I’m fairly new to this genre, I’m sure it will an exciting experience with lots to learn from it.

I can’t provide a link to the original song in this blog post because the band has not released it yet but I will include it in my Remix assignment submission.

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