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Social Media and Your Career

Recently, I attended this lecture at SAE covering the importance of Social media as a tool to promote yourself and your work. There were some really interesting aspects and approaches that were covered by the lecturer. We were given some important insights on how we could effectively use our time on social media to actually build our audience and find work.

For me, social media has become less personal and more as a professional tool. The importance of this topic comes from the fact that most of the projects that I've done till date, have been co-ordinated through Facebook and/or Youtube. These two platforms are very popular in India and that is the reason why I'm more active on these two rather than any other social networking platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin, etc. I find it really important to keep my FB page and profile updated with interesting content and other important news about my old and upcoming projects. Keeping people engaged ensures you are always on there minds. I've noticed that if if I don't post anything for a long time, for example a month, I stop receiving considerable work. In fact, my career is so dependent on FB that I cannot imagine what would've happened without it, or something like it.

It is very easy to promote your work and building your audience and finding new clients on FB and Youtube all the while sitting at home. The best thing about all of this is, it is almost free. I'm saying "almost" because there are some options available to boost your posts on FB and creating ad campaigns on Youtube to reach even more people by paying some money to these platforms. You can work with any budget you want and I've found it really helpful because in this way, you can find and get connected with new people who are not in your current network of friends, fans and clients. Other really important thing is to build and maintain relationships with all the people in your social network who are or can be really important to your work. Saying "Hi" every now and then and sending feedback on their posts keeps them reminded of your existence which helps keep your work flowing in. Building a fan base is easier than maintaining it. You have to make sure you keep them interested in your page or channel by posting interesting information as frequently as you can. Even if you are not working on any project right now, keep posting about any other relevant topic that your audience might find interesting.

Promoting yourself and your work is easier than ever thanks to these social networking platforms and from my personal experience I can truly say that "It works!!".

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