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Using Data

Advertisement is really important for any business to grow. If you can't find consumers for your product and vice versa, how will you make money? Ever wonder why many companies spend millions of dollars on advertising and promoting their brand or products? Similarly, creatives also need advertisements to find their audience. But for a successful ad campaign, you need to know the target audience. Target audience is that section of the population, which your product caters to or is relevant to the most. For example, you can't set the target audience age for a Hip Hop music album to 50 years and above. Or maybe you can, if the rapper is 60 years old and the album itself is about things that old people do. But my point is, you need to know what you're doing with your ad campaigns so that you van get the best out of your money.

Data statistics are critical for you to understand your audience. If you don't understand your audience, then how will you provide for them? I have been using Youtube to promote my work for a couple of years now and I am amazed at how efficient Youtube Analytics is. Youtube provides you with in-depth details of your target audience and their engagement with either your channel or any particular video on your channel. Basically, they divide your audience into subgroups of gender, age, location and search platform. I find it really useful to know the kind of audience that I am serving. "Google Adwords" is an online marketing tool provided by Google to help promote your online work and build your audience, for a fee of course. In order to make the best use of this service, it is really important to know the type of audience you will be targeting. Using this service, you can create online advertisement campaigns for your Youtube videos. These campaigns are targeted at a particular audience so that only relevant people can see your ads. Serving irrelevant information to a particular audience is useless.

Another such data keeping service that I use is the Facebook Page Insights. This service, similar to Youtube Analytics, keeps record of the audience engagement by your page activity. I find it helpful to know which of my post is viewed mostly by what kind of audience. This in turn helps me modify my advertisement campaigns on Facebook to target that particular group of people.

Use of these statistics can help you find what your audience wants or maybe, the kind of audience that you want. Maintaining data is very important and today, its easier than ever, thanks to online services like Google Analytics and Facebook, etc.

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